Quality streets

LERA cares for this historic enclave for residents and visitors to enjoy. We protect its architectural qualities, improve our surroundings with trees and plants, and do our bit to combat pollution and congestion in this busy part of central London.


The Grade II listed buildings were designated a conservation area in 1976 as “one of the most attractive historic places in northern Lambeth”. What makes them so special, and how they should be preserved whilst also being living homes, is set out in Lambeth Council’s Roupell Street Conservation Area Statement.


LERA liaises with the council on planning applications in and around the Lambeth Estate. Before undertaking any home improvements, or developing any plans which may impact the conservation area, please contact us.

Protecting heritage

LERA launched a major campaign against EF's plans for a modern extension across the old school courtyard in Roupell Street. The advice of our experts, a petition signed by 11,000 people and the backing of local politicians led to Lambeth Council refusing the application and EF losing an appeal to the Planning Inspectorate.

Roots and shoots

Working with Lambeth Council, we've planted 5 new trees and brightened up the streets with flower troughs. They make the neighbourhood more attractive and nature-friendly, as well as being a contribution to fighting climate change.


When part of Windmill Walk was pedestrianised in the 1970s, an ugly metal gate was installed. LERA arranged and funded its replacement with heritage bollards, matching the period street lamps installed by Lambeth Council. We also work with the council, We Are Waterloo and others to keep the streets clean and graffiti-free.

Cornwall Road Greenway

LERA led efforts which persuaded Lambeth Council to stop rat-running and prevent thousands more vehicles threatened by nearby road changes. And we're helping We Are Waterloo develop this walking and cycling route - including a pocket park in Secker Street and mural outside the bus garage.

St John's Churchyard

LERA is meeting expenses for the volunteer gardeners looking after our nearest big green space, who are or have been homeless, or have mental health or learning difficulties. The churchyard garden is a wonderful oasis in the city, open to all, where there's always something to enjoy.

Homes and gardens

Most of our residents have gardens, and the Lambeth Estate has a thriving population of birds and other wildlife, from house sparrows to visiting peregrine falcons! Many people also keep window boxes on the street frontages, and LERA has been known to encourage a competitive neighbourly spirit!

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